ADD56 - Bugbears

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Sculptor : Jes Goodwin

This pack of monster figures is a pair of Bugbears; huge, hulking, hairy goblinoids found dwelling in dank underground lairs. The figures were sold in packs of 2 different poses, each of which was made with 4 variant castings. The differences were in head and facial features, as well as the weapons wielded in both hands

ADD56 - Bugbears Blister Pack

ADD56 - Bugbear Pose 1

This Bugbear wears a tatty, leather breastplate adorned with studs and a small metal disc. Two leather pouches hang from his belt and he wears a steel bracer on his left fore-arm and a plate and string protector on his right wrist. His right arm holds a weapon above his head and his left arm is raised to shoulder-level.

ADD56 - Bugbear Pose 2

This Bugbear wears a tatty chainmail sleeve on his right arm, and has a variety of small pouches, chains, discs and bones hanging from a leather cross-belt. He has a studded leather vambrace on his left wrist and a fine metal bracelet on his right. His right hand holds a notched, single-bladed sword with the point by his right knee, and his left arm raises a variant weapon above his head.

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