BDD01 - Dungeon Adventurers Boxed Set

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Sculptor : Michael & Alan Perry, Aly Morrison, Bob Naismith

This set of 9 models (Armoured Fighter, Unarmoured Fighter, Magic User, Cleric, Thief, Elf with Sword, Elf with Wand, Dwarf, and Treasure Chest) was designed to provide a novice D&D player with the basic character figures needed for play. It was a good selection of models, but strangely lacking a Halfling character, and without any female adventurers! Note that these figures were sculpted with integral metal shields instead of the plastic ones supplied with the later blister pack range.

Notes : At some time soon after release of this set, Cleric A was remodelled for unknown reasons. It is possible that TSR or Citadel reacted to complaints from Christian groups who were not happy to see the cross used on fantasy figures, or perhaps the cross-bearing cleric was difficult to cast accurately. Whatever the reason, this variant was replaced by the version B. Interestingly, the box art was also changed, front and back, to reflect the inclusion of new non-Christian model.

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