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Blood Bowl Dark Elves

There are two distinct lines of Dark Elf Blood Bowl figures, tied to different editions of the game. The first Dark Elf Blood Bowl figure was originally released as a Limited Edition under the designation LE18, but then later in general release blistered with Human, Orc & Dwarf Blood Bowl figures as "Blood Bowl Defenders". There is also a prototype Blood Bowl Elf figure that was apparently created as a test piece for the range but this is a generic Elf figure, not specified as a Dark Elf.


A complete range of Dark Elf figures was released for the first edition of Blood Bowl, including Catchers, Throwers, Kickers, Blitzers, Linemen, a Cheerleader and a Casualty figure (but no Witch Elves). The Dark Elf Star Player Tuern Redvenom also dates from this range.


A second range of Dark Elf figures was released for the revised second edition of Blood Bowl under the name "The Naggaroth Nightmares". The Dark Elf Star Player Horkon Heartripper dates from this second range of figures. Specialist Catcher & Kicker figures were dropped from this range and replaced with Witch Elf specialist players. The same Dark Elf Cheerleader figure was retained from the previous range for the later range. The "Naggaroth Nightmares" figures were originally sold in a complete boxed set of 12, then later sold in 3-man blisters. The original boxed set included a sheet of waterslide transfers.



A smattering of further Dark Elf figures was also released under the Fanatic Games imprint before Fanatic was re-absorbed back into Citadel. the Dark Elf Star Player Hubris Rakarth and two different Dark Elf models with poison blades date from this latest period. There was also a Witch Elf Referee made at this period, but never released. The Hubris Rakarth model comes with 2 variant heads: a bare head and a helmeted head.