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This page displays figures released under the Oriental Heroes range and Samurai figures that inexplicably wandered into other Citadel ranges. Many of the OH miniatures have tabs corresponding to AD&D Oriental Adventures character classes. Some of the OH miniatures bear the TSR stamp (see Wu Jen below). The Oriental Heroes line may have been a way for miniatures sculpted under TSR licence to find an audience once that license was lost. A smattering of these figures were also released for use with other Citadel lines, notably Talisman and Judge Dredd.

OH1 - Ninja

See separate page

OH2 - ADD Samurai

OH3 - Rampaging Ronin

Descriptors (lower case letters in brackets) taken from the Citadel flyer July 1986 to differentiate easier.

OH4 - Ronin Renegades

OH5 - Oriental Champions

C22 - Nippon Rocket Crew


Non-OH Range Oriental Figures