ADD40 - Men at Arms

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Sculptor : Alan & Michael Perry

These figures were part of a batch of new blister packs released in late 1986 and early 1987, a few months before Citadel lost the licence. It's surely no coincidence that they hit the market at the same time as the 'F4 Men-at-Arms' range, also designed by the Perrys. This tactic was used with other blisters, including ADD32 Dwarf Villagers (Trish Morrison's D6 Dwarf Villagers), ADD71 Evil Fighters (CH2 Chaos Warriors), ADD21a Barbarians (F3 Barbarians) and ADD41 Lawful Fighters (F2 Paladins, the ADD41 figures even have 'Paladin' marked on the slotta-tab). Unsurprisingly, many AD&D fans felt somewhat cheated by these releases, and it was no surprise that the writing was on the wall for the ADD range! The pack of 3 Men-at-Arms featured a trio of typical mercenary hirelings or henchmen, often used to boost the fighting strength of an adventuring party. No variants were produced in this code.

ADD40 - Men at Arms Blister Pack

ADD40 - Men at Arms

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