ADD55 - Gnolls

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Sculptor : Jes Goodwin

This set of figures represents a trio of Gnolls, brutal hyena-headed humanoids renowned for their cruel natures. The set of 3 figures comprised an archer firing a greatbow, a gnoll warrior armed with a variety of polearms (Gary Gygax must surely have approved of these!), and a Gnoll armed with a handaxe and shield. It seems likely that 5 variant figures were made of the archer and polearm poses, but only 4 of the hand-weapon variant, with the variations in head and facial features as well as the polearm- and axe-heads. It is uncertain why an uneven number of variants were made, but it is possible that the 5th hand-weapon variant was damaged during the mould-making process, and simply discarded.

ADD55 - Gnolls Blister Pack

ADD55 - Gnoll Pose 1

This Gnoll warrior wears a skirt made of studded leather strips and a scalemail tunic adorned with tatty furs. He carries a sheathed shortsword on his back and is armed with a hand axe in his left hand and a shield in his right.

ADD55 - Gnoll Pose 2

This Gnoll archer wears a skirt made of leather and fur and a tunic of banded and studded leather adorned with tatty furs. He carries a sheathed scimitar and a quiver of arrows strapped to his back and is aiming a mighty longbow in his left hand.

ADD55 - Gnoll Pose 3

This Gnoll wears a skirt made of studded leather strips, a tunic of small overlapping steel plates, and a ratty old fur waistcoat. He carries a scabbarded broadsword strapped to his back, he protects himself with a shield on his left arm and holds an upright pole-weapon in his right hand.

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