Dwarfs: Continuing Fantasy Tribes

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As the C06/C07 Dwarfs are in fact the same as Fantasy Tribes Dwarfs numbers 1-10, The purpose of this page is to show images of the rest of the FTD figures, that were not re-issued.

FTD11 Female Dwarf: 2 versions

FTD12 Dwarf Children

FTD13 The Dwarf with No Name

FTD14 Dwarf Stretcher Party

FTD15 Mounted Dwarf

FTD16 Dwarf War Engine with 3 Crew

FTD17 Dwarf with Light Crossbow and Axe

FTD18 Dwarf with Axe and Knife

FTD19 Dwarf Champion with Two Handed Axe

FTD20 Dwarf Champion in Plate Armour with Two Handed Sword

FTD21 Dwarf with Spear

FTD22 Dwarf Advancing with Torch

FTD23 Dwarf with 2 Handed Axe

FTD24 Dwarf Striking with Sword

FTD25 Dwarf with Small Axe

FTD26 Dwarf with Studded Club