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Access to the site is managed through the sidebar on the left of screen, the links in the Navigation and System boxes will take you to pages listing all the articles in category you have selected. The articles themselves vary in composition but in the main, show thumbnail galleries which can in turn be clicked on for larger images and further details of the figures in question.


All members of the CollectingCitadelMiniatures are welcome to contribute to the site. To do so you will require a login, which can be obtained by posting a message to the list stating that you wish to contribute and your prefered login name. The sysop will notify you by email when your login has been created.

Details on contributing are contained in separate pages listed below:

Note: While the site is open to all members, we reserve the right to revoke access to anyone we believe has acted in a manner contrary to the ideals of the site. All correspondance regarding the site should be posted on the CollectingCitadelMiniatures list.