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The purpose of this page is to list all the Snotling models.

C14 Snotling Doubles from the New Year 1986 Flyer

C14 Snotlings from Compendium 3 & Spring 1986 Journal

All these, except "Bit" appeared in both Compendium 3 and the Spring 1986 Journal

C14 Snotlings from White Dwarf 81, July 1986

These all appear to be different from those shown in Compendium 3

C14 Snotlings from White Dwarf 91 and the July 1987 Flyer

A few of these are very similar to but not identical to those which appeared in White Dwarf 81.

C14 Snotling Doubles from White Dwarf 91 and the July 1987 Flyer

C14 Mushlings from White Dwarf 91 and the July 1987 Flyer

Original Pump Wagon & Crew

The original listings in White Dwarf 88 and the Spring 1987 Journal showed only 10 crew. An additional 2 crew appreared in the Machineries of Destruction Flyer.

1991 Red Catalogue

All of the snotlings shown in the 1991 Catalogue were from earlier ranges.


Marauder MM36 Snotlings

The Marauder snotlings can be seen at Stuff of Legends


The Bloodbowl Snotlings first appeared in White Dwarf 113 and then, with one exception, the 1991 Red Catalogue.

A separate group of six, somewhat larger than the first release, also appeared as part of the Goblin team in the 1991 Red Catalogue.

All photos in this section thanks to Walter Meierhofer.

Limited Edition

There were only 2 snotlings with the Jolly Japes pack. Two of tne snotlings often confused as being from Jolly Japes were actually released for Bloodbowl

Rogue Trader Runts

Warhammer Quest: Lair of the Orc Lord Expansion

Goblin Rock Lobba

Goblin Doom Diver

Gorkamorka Snots

2007 Games Day Orc Boss

Later Pump Wagon & Crew

A new pump wagon model was released around 2003. This included 8 new snotling crew figures including a new double, the tabs of which are all dated 2000. These are possibly the only new snotlings released since the original releases. Note the 2004 catalogue lists crew 1-4 and 6 and 7 but no 5.