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Game History

Mordheim was a standalone boxed game by Games Workshop (GW) released in 1999*. Set in the Warhammer universe, it was originally supported directly by GW then by Fanatic (2000?) and finally by Specialist Games (date?). The production of specific Mordheim miniatures stopped in May 2013 along with the other Specialist Games ranges (although some remained on the GW website until stocks were exhausted.)


Rulebook Warbands

Town Cryer Warbands

Mordeim was supported by an independent magazine, The Town Cryer (TC) in which several new warbands were introduced to Mordheim along with figures produced by the short-lived Fanatic. List were later reprinted in The Best of Town Cryer (BoTC) and the Mordheim Annual 2002 (MA)

Lustria - Cities of Gold

Lustria was the first expansion for Mordheim (TC 10-15). Several new warbands were developed for the jungle setting but it never became an official supplement. Only one warband received specific models and was later transferred to Mordheim itself with a new range of models.

Khemri - Land of the Dead

Khemri was the second alternative setting for Mordheim (TC16-21). It allowed players to pillage tombs in a desert setting. No new models were produce for Khemri.

Empire in Flames Warbands

Empire in Flames (EiF) was the final expansion which introduced new warbands in a wilderness setting with rule for mounted characters and specific scenarios. EiF originally appeared in TC 23-28 before being released as a seperate supplement. A number of new models came out with this release including two warbands.

Dramatis Personae, Hired Swords and other models


Town Cryer Magazine

Fanatic Magazine

Other Official Expansions

Box Set

Blood on the Streets

Best of Town Cryer

Mordheim Annual

Empire in Flames