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Published from 1999 until 2003, Town Cryer was a [bi-monthly?] magazine published in support of the Mordheim game. It included scenario ideas, new rules, settings, warbands and characters to support Mordheim players. It also served as a catalogue and a new release spotlight for the Mordheim range of miniatures.

Issues 1-6 were released as a series of articles in UK White Dwarf, issue numbers 238-243. Issue 7 was the first standalone version of the magazine.

The format of the magazine changed several times throughout its lifetime. It lasted for a total of 29 issues (including the WD sections) before Mordhiem content (along with content for GW's other Specialist Games) was transferred to the short-lived Fanatic Magazine. Fanatic Magazine was replace in turn by Fanatic Online after only 10 issues.

Small (A5) Format, Perfect Bound, 48pp

Large (A4) Format, Perfect Bound, 48pp

Large (A4) Format, Stapled Pages, 24/32 pp

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