Mordheim - Town Cryer - Issue 9

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Mordheim, Town Cryer Issue 9


Town Cryer Issue 9 Cover

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Mordheim - 4 Groats
UK - £2.75
US - $4.99


  • Ye Editor - Steve Hambrook
  • Cap'n - Andy Jones
  • Bosun - Marc Gascoigne
  • Jolly Roger - Steve Hambrook
  • Cabin Boys - Warwick Kinrade, Gareth Harvey & Darius Hinks


02 The Script of Sigmar
06 Customizing Ye Warband
12 The Architect's Guide
18 Lair of the Snake
24 Narrative Campaigns
30 Mordheim - City of the Damned
34 Shiver Me Timbers
45 Hot from the Forges

New Warbands

Pirate Warbands

New Characters (HS/DP)

New Models

No new Mordheim specific miniatures, just a list of existing Warhammer models for the new pirate warband


First mention of Fanatic Games as a separate entity within GW by Jervis Johnson although the post-WD issues were always published by Fanatic Press as part of The Black Library.


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