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Each generation of Dark Elf figures has had concept art published in one form or another. Where direct comparisons may be drawn between concept art and a particular figure, the concept art for that figure is linked to the photo of the figure itself. This page displays general Dark Elf concept art (although the direct inspiration for specific figures may also be seen within larger illustrations).

1st/2nd Edition Dark Elf Concept Art

3rd Edition Dark Elf Concept Art

Marauder Dark Elf Concept Art

The primary source for the Marauder Dark Elf line is the cover illustration for White Dwarf #132. many examples of the inspiration for individual figures in the Marauder MM-series line can be picked out of this picture. The illustration was used as the cover for the original UK edition of the Black Library novel Storm Warriors, and also as the box art for the Citadel Miniatures Metallic Paint set.

Man O' War Dark Elf Concept Art

Dark Elves (and dwarves) are featured on the box art for the Seas Of Blood expansion set for Man O' War.

4th/5th Edition Dark Elf Concept Art

The 4th/5th edition Dark Elf Army book is a treasure trove of concept art for the model range, as practically every character and troop type has its own illustration.