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This page is intended as a holding ground for figures that have eluded collectors for one reason or another. These figures have apparently been on general release (i.e. not limited or unreleased) but have been seemingly impossible to track down, even by the most dedicated collectors. Two examples would be the "Nuln Spearman" from the old Fighters range and the "Damsel Detective" from the Gothic Horror range.

If you have any suggestions for figures that should appear on this page then it would probably be a good idea to mention them on the CCM Yahoo Group in the first instance to check whether or not they exist in someone's collection. If nobody appears to have them then feel free to post an image on this page.


These three figures make an appearance in the Citadel Journal 1987. They also make an appearance in an advert in White Dwarf 90, where they have the same names as in the 1987 Journal BUT Agnes is shown without her flag in the White Dwarf ad. I'm pretty sure they are also in a mail order flier (although I can't remember which one).

Damsel Detective

This figure makes an appearance in a White Dwarf ad., and at least two fliers, where she is known as "Damsel Detective" or "Teenager" (in the Call of Cthulhu flier).

Gangster motorcycle

In 1980 Military Modelling magazine ran an advert for what appears to have been the first range of Gangster figures by Citadel. The packs are labelled G1 to G12 and each pack carries 3 figures. One of the packs (G7) was described as containing "State Troopers (1 Standing, 1 on Motorcycle)." The State Trooper Standing is not uncommon and can be seen in the Gangsters page of the Research Section. However the Trooper on Motorcycle has never been seen.

Unique Broo giveaway figure

An advert appeared in an early White Dwarf stating that "With the purchase of one or more of the Runequest Boxed Sets, until the end of May, we are including a unique Free Broo Figure." The Broo that is illustrated (not a photograph but a drawing) with this advert does not match any known Broo. Did this figure exist? What was the giveaway Broo figure?

C11 Halfling variant

In the Second Citadel Compendium a Halfling was illustrated that appears to be wearing a breast-plate, but it appears that the Halfling that was released (pictured in Compendium 3) had a mail coat. Does the breast-plate version exist?

Space Ork Musician Braglub

This figure appears in White Dwarf 97 and the Book of the Astronomican. It differs from the other musicians by having a wide open mouth.

C11 Gnome variant

In a January 1985 flier a Gnome variant is illustrated that carries a hammer rather than a club. This variant has not been seen in the flesh.

Inquisitor Scale Nemesis Force Halberd

Seen in Issue 6 of Exterminatus magazine, the booster pack as released only contained seven items. Has anyone ever seen the eighth?