Orcs - FTO Fantasy Tribe (solid base)

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The Citadel FTO Fantasy Tribes Orc line was also released as C15 Armoured Orcs & C16 Orcs. The purpose of this page is to show images of all the figures only seen as drawings in the C15 and C16 sections of The First Citadel Compendium

FTO-01 Orc advancing with Mace and Shield

FTO-02 Orc attacking with Sword and Shield

FTO-03 Orc advancing with Sword, Spear and Shield

FTO-04 Orc charging with Spear

FTO-05 Orc advancing with Spear

FTO-06 Orc swinging Axe

FTO-07 Orc firing Bow

FTO-08 Orc charging with Polearm

FTO-09 Orc advancing with Axe and Spear

FTO-10 Orc firing Crossbow

FTO-11 Orc Chief with Sword and Flail

FTO-12 Orc Bodyguard with Battleaxe

FTO-13 Orc riding Giant War-Wyvern

FTO-14 Ogron Foulbreath, Orc champion Dec 1982

FTO-15 Orc Bodyguard with Thunder Mace and Shield

C15 Armoured Orcs from The First Citadel Compendium

Other Pre Slotta Orcs