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The F5 Chaos Marauder range is an intersting one because it is not well documented, had a variety of figures, and didn't last very long.

Citadel catalogs indicate the inital models were sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry, but it is not known if they sculpted the entire range.

Models in the F5 Marauder range were placed into the Chaos Warrior or Chaos Thug range in the 1988 Citadel Catalog. Many of the miniatures on this page may not have been released as F5 Marauders although "Marauder" is shown on the slotta tab.

In the image gallery below, for each miniature I have included its name from the catalog, and/or the date on the slotta tab.

Miniatures Shown in Catalog


Zarygor Bloodrage

The alternate has a different sword and scabbard on his back, but is otherwise identical.

Another Marauder that first makes an appearance in the 1988 Citadel Catalogue as a Chaos Thug, but the slotta tab clearly indicates this model was intended to be a Marauder. There is quite a difference between these two models.

Hargod Gutspiller and Alternate. One has a helmet and rather large sword, while the alternate's head is wrapped in bandages and weapon swapped out.

Kvan the Crusher and Alternate. Kvan has a rather large mace or maul and a helmet. The alternate has a barbed harpoon and a bare head.

Bulastor Fardoom and Alternate. The differences between these two are quite obvious. Interstingly, the alternate may be carrying Kvan the Crushers mace.

Kraan Headcleaver and Alternate

The alternate has an axe, no stud for a shield, and is without a helmet.