ADD51 - Kobolds

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Sculptor : Aly Morrison

These figures represent Kobolds, low-level sword-fodder which are sort of reptilian, dog-faced humanoids. They were originally sold in packs of 4 figures containing 1 of each of the 4 poses. The figures shown are armed with a club, a shortsword, a handful of javelins and a leader-type armed with a hand axe. 5 variants were made of each pose, and they are described below. The only difference in variants are in the heads and facial features.

ADD51 - Kobolds Blister Pack

ADD51 - Kobold Pose 1

This figure is armed with a spiked wooden club.

ADD51 - Kobold Pose 2

This figure is armed with a shortsword.

ADD51 - Kobold Pose 3

This figure holds 2 javelins in his left hand, and is about to launch a third one with his right.

ADD51 - Kobold Pose 4

This figure appears to be a Kobold leader, armed with a handaxe in his right hand, and pointing with his left.

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