ADD62 - Shambling Mound and Shrieker

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Sculptor : Bob Naismith

This set of figures represents a Shambling Mound, a huge magical creature made of rotting vegetation which dwells in fetid swamps, and a Shrieker, a semi-mobile fungus renowned for the piercing scream it emits when disturbed by movement or lights. Each pack contained one of each figure, and no variants were made.

ADD62 - Shambling Mound and Shrieker Blister Pack

ADD62 - Shambling Mound

This is a large, bipedal creature which appears to be made of rottin vegetation held together by a network of roots and woody branches. Several different types of lichens and fungi seem to be growing from the Shambling Mound's body.

ADD62 - Shrieker

This figure is a large fungus-like organism. It has series of large pores on its upper surface, a gill-like structure under the cap, and 10 small foot-like features at the base

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