ADD67 - Sahuagin

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Sculptor : Bob Naismith

These figures are Sahuagin, or Sea Devils, rapacious sharkmen who dwell in coastal underwater lairs. They were sold in packs of 3 different poses, each of which was made with 6 variants. All the differences are found in head and facial detail only.

ADD67 - Sahuagin Blister Pack

ADD67 - Sahuagin Pose 1

This Sahuagin is armed with a crossbow, made in the likeness of a large fish. He wears a loincloth made of a chain and a shell, and a bandolier over his shoulder supports a quiver for his crossbow bolts. He wears studded metal bracelets and a shell-shaped medallion.

ADD67 - Sahuagin Pose 2

This Sahuagin seems to be a leader. He holds an ornate, twisted staff in his left hand and 3 short javelins in his right. He wears an ornate studded harness with a large buckle plate.

ADD67 - Sahuagin Pose 3

This Sahuagin is armed with a trident and a curved dagger. He wears a decorated belt and loancloth and a set of shoulder armour.

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