ADD93 - Zombie, Shadow and Ghoul

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Sculptor : Bob Naismith

These figures represent some of the lower level Undead monsters which haunt the upper levels of dungeons and ruined castles. Each blister pack contained 3 figures, a Ghoul, a Shadow & a Zombie. Ghoul II replaced Ghoul I in 1986. The only differences on the variant figures are found in head detail and facial features.

ADD93 - The Undead 1: Zombie, Shadow and Ghoul Blister Pack

ADD93 - Zombie

The Zombie figure represents an animated but decomposing corpse, staggering forwards with his left hand reaching outwards and a wooden club held in his right hand. He wears tattered clothing and has many wounds exposing flesh and bones beneath his skin.

ADD93 - Shadow

The Shadow figure is a non-corporael Undead creature which attacks living beings by draining their strength. This model is depicted wearing a tattered, hooded robe, with both arms raised above its head.

ADD93 - Ghoul First Release

Ghoul 1 was replaced by Ghoul 2 in 1986. This one has his left hand raised upwards with his right held by his waist.

ADD93 - Ghoul Second Release

Ghoul 2 replaced Ghoul 1 in 1986. This one has his right hand raised upwards with his left held by his chest.

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