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This page is to centralise information on the MM90 'mini me' phenomena. It is known that most if not all of the Marauder MM90 Chaos Dwarfs are modelled as miniature versions of Chaos Warriors from Citadel's previous ranges. Both are popular ranges and this extra correspondence makes it a fun set to collect. However, there are some problems with this area of research:

1. This was never officially acknowledged by Marauder or Citadel so it remains an 'Easter egg' for collectors to stumble upon and there is no definitive list.

2. Citadel's Chaos Warriors are one of the most numerous and eclectic subjects which have been mixed and matched into various ranges over the decades.

It is hoped that this page will be a collaborative effort. Please feel free to add your own examples and comment on those suggested by other users. Please be aware that some of this will be highly speculative and that is a good thing. There will probably never be a definative list - perhaps future generations will one day wage war as to which Warrior MM90/5/a is based on but it is not this day.

Using the naming convention (and initially the photos) from the MM90 page on this site. Links are given to phenomenal Stuff of Legends when known.

--Illuminatus 02:32, 16 October 2012 (MDT)

Working Hypothesis

  • /1-/4 are based on CH2/CH3/CH5
  • /5 are based on F5 Marauders
  • /6 are based Marauder’s own Warriors including unreleased/ uncatalogued figures.

I propose that 2c and 6a were accidently swapped for the catalogue photo...


Thanks to Blue in VT who posted a summary sheet to the CCM mailing list in OCT-2012

Thanks to Raf Wolfs for the Chaos Warrior images (awaiting his wiki of the full CW range :) ) and to Stunties for the MM90 images.

and to the other CCM listees who provided suggestions.

Key to Sources

  • WD#xx (date) = White Dwarf No. xx
  • CJ-S87 = Citadel Journal Spring 1987
  • CC-88 = 1988 Citadel Catalog






This is where it all starts to unravel...