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The purpose of the page is to catalog the Collectors Series range released in the late 80's. While the majority are just repackaged figures from other ranges, some are head variants or new figures not shown anywhere else. Please add variants and non-painted images for each figure to the relevant image pages.

The images are either from various color brochures produced to showcase the range or actual blisters, hopefully someone out there has others and can fill in the gaps or add additional items, or indeed replace them with better images of the figures concerned.

From the first brochure:

The CITADEL COLLECTOR SERIES is a line of fine quality metal miniatures for collectors, roleplay and tabletop gamers. Specially devised with the American market in focus, the range is packaged in distinctive and colorful blister packs. ...

1100 - Fighters

1200 - Chaos

1300 - Dwarfs

1400 - Elves

1500 - Adventurers

1600 - Orcs & Goblins

1700 - Undead

1800 - "Big'Uns"

1900 - Monsters!