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Citadel TSR ADD68 Drow

During the mid-1980s, Citadel Miniatures briefly held the license from TSR to produce official figures for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. The Drow (ADD Dark Elf) figures for this line were sculpted by Bob Naismith and they are very similar to the line of Dark Elf figures he produced for 3rd edition Warhammer (the two ranges blend almost seamlessly). The ADD68 Drow range includes 5 different variants of 3 basic troop types: A standing male figure, a crouching male figure and a female figure. Excellent examples of this range may be found on Richard Scott's "Otherworld" website, which documents the complete Citadel ADD range:


Female Drow

Standing Male Drow

Crouching Male Drow

BC2 Monsters Evil Dark Elf Captain

The Citadel BC2 Monsters boxed set includes a single Dark Elf figure (called "Evil Dark Elf Captain"). The influence of D&D Drow can be seen again here, with a Dark Elf acting in an executive capacity over other monsters. The BC2 boxed set is a companion piece to the BC1 Adventurers boxed set. Both are intended for use with fantasy roleplaying games.