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Dark Eldar

The Dark Eldar are essentially "Dark Elves In Space" and thus are included here for reference. One of the unreleased figures from the original Rogue Trader "First 40K Releases" Flyer is designated as "Dark Elf Space Trooper", but this is a Craftworld Eldar figure, not a Dark Eldar per se. The range also includes an interesting selection of unreleased concept models, five by Gary Morley & seven by Chris Fitzpatrick (two of which are not Eldar, but bare-breasted variants of Asdrubael Vect's human slave & prisoner models). The entire range had been redone to be previewed in October and to be released in November 2010.


First 40K Releases

Dark Elf Space Trooper

Dark Eldar Concept Models

Gary Morley

Chris Fitzpatrick

Dark Eldar Unreleased Greens

Juan Diaz

Dark Eldar