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Talisman Dark Elves

The original (2nd edition) Talisman range includes a single metal Dark Elf Figure, that was originally released as part of the Talisman Dungeon expansion set and then later in blisters with other Talisman figures. The character is depicted with blue skin on the Talisman character card, again tying the concept more closely to D&D Drow.

For the third edition of Talisman, GW published updated character cards in the pages of White Dwarf magazine, including a picture of a Dark Elf figure taken from the Marauder MM70 Dark Elf range. The third edition Talisman expansion sets included two plastic Dark Elf figures, a Witch Elf (for the Talisman City Of Adventure expansion) and a Sorceress (for the Talisman Dragon's Tower expansion). Talisman City Of Adventure also includes a plastic Assassin model that is frequently mistaken for a Dark Elf, but this figure is intended to represent a human Assassin in the Talisman game. The plastic figures from the Talisman expansions were briefly available separate from their games as part of GW's short-lived "Toybox" line (boxed sets of plastic figures that were intended for sale in toystores and other retail channels apart from hobby stores).