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The purpose of this guide is to document the various dragons, young dragons and dragon like monsters released by Citadel. So far as is possible, they are shown in chronological order of release.

Many of the C series, Tom Meier (DG) series, the boxed sets (DRAG series) and the C series young dragons later appeared in the 1988 catalogue. Where applicable, the 1988 Catalogue code is shown. Some of the young dragons were given new codes and names in the December 1992 Dragon Flyer - these are shown where applicable.

Thanks to Heldrak for the section on DRAG7 rider variants and Dozingdragon for the section on FT head variants.

And a very large thank you to Richard H of the fantastic Stuff of Legends site for permission to use his photos of painted drgaons.

Dragons & Wyverns to 1990

Fiend Factory (FF) Dragons

FF33-2 Great Fire Dragon is similar to the later C11/1(a) Fire Dragon but they are different. Not only are the wings different, FF33-2 has the head and neck as one piece whereas in the C11/1(a) Fire Dragon, the head is separate and the neck is cast as part of the body.

The 1983 catalogue states the FF61-2 Black Dragon is the same as C11/1(c) Black Dragon, the FF55 Young Dragon the same as the C30/1(c) Young Dragon and the FF54 Wyvern the same as the C30/1(d) Wyvern. These may have been reworked in the same way as the FF33-2 Great Fire Dragon.

Fantasy Tribes (FT) Dragons

All the FT dragons came with a choice of 3 heads. A number of variant heads have been identified, as shown separately.

Two wing variants have been identified, as shown.

All the FT Dragons later appeared as part of the C11 range in the 1983 Catalogue.

Fantasy Tribes (FTO) Orc Wyvern

Two variants of the FTO-13 Orc riding giant wyvern have been identified. In one the wyvern has a saddle and in the other there is no saddle.

1983 Catalogue - C Series

The 1983 Catalogue has three sections for dragons.

The C11 section includes the FT dragons plus two of the FF range, a reworked FF33-2 Great Fire Dragon and FF61-2 Black Dragon. As with the FT range, each came with a choice of heads. The head variants are shown in the FT Section above. The C11 dragons were released in the standard Citadel boxes, with the appropriate printed label on the back, as shown.

The C30 section includes the FF54 Wyvern and the FF55 Young Dragon plus a new winged serpent. The winged serpent is not illustrated in the 1983 Catalogue - it is believed this was the same figure as the Wyrm from the Runequest Boxed Set 7 - Flying Creatures which was released during the same period.

Also appearing in the 1983 Catalogue is the huge Citadel Imperial Dragon (Also known as the Chicken Dragon) as shown on Stuff of Legends.

Spring 1985 Journal

Compendiums Two & Three

Tom Meier Dragons (also sold by Ral Partha)

Dungeons & Dragons

Nick Bibby Dragons


1987 Boxed Sets (DRAG series)

December 1987 DS series

The two young dragons were given new codes and names in the December 1992 Dragon Flyer, as shown.

Marauder Dragons


This jabberwocky figure, sculpted by Bob Olley, is nearly twice the size of the better known C29 Jabberwocky. Not listed in any of the catalogues, flyers or White Dwarfs, it seems to have been available from Mail order.

Young Dragons and smaller dragon like monsters to 1990


Spring 1985 Journal

All the young dragons in the Spring 1985 Journal were unnamed. The same figures also appeared in Compendium Three, at which time they had been named.

Autumn 1985 Journal

The same figures also appeared in Compendium Three.

Compendium Three

With the exception of the Cave Dragon which first appeared in Compendium Three, all others had previously appeared in the Spring or Autumn 1987 Journals.

Spring 1987 Journal

Dragon Flyer - January 1988

1988 Catalogue

1988 Dungeonquest

Ral Partha Dragons

In the early 1980's Citadel held a license to produce Ral Partha figures in the UK.

The boxed sets came in the usual Citadel boxes and the Ral Partha origin was credited on the printed label on the bottom of the box. Similarly, those released in baggies showed the Ral Partha origin on the front lable with an acknowledgement the figures had been cast by Citadel on the back of the label.

For many of these Ral Partha appear to have produced a number of different versions. It is uncertain whether all these versions were also produced by Citadel or only some or even only one. For the purposes of this page, only those confirmed to have been produced by Citadel are shown.

Box Sets

Bags & Blisters

Of the following figures, only the ES72 White Dragon or Cold Drake is known to have been produced in a Citadel blister pack.

There were four versions of the Land Dragon produced by Ral Partha. Based on the bagged figures seen, it seems Citadel produced only the second version of the dragon with the fisrt version of the mounted captain or lancer. The other versions can be seen on the Ral Partha page, Personalities and Things That Go Bump in the Night section on the Lost Minis Wiki Interestingly, the second version of the lance has only been sighted with Citadel castings, not with Ral Partha castings.

In the Ral Partha section of the 1983 Citadel Catalogue, a Green Dragon, Ral Partha code ES39, is listed. No such dragon has been found. Until 1985, after the arrangement between Citadel and Ral Partha had effectively ceased, Ral Partha do not appear to have produced a green dragon. Further code ES39 appears in a number of Ral Partha catalogues as a three piece Imperial War Party. It is therefore assumed the listing in the Citadel catalogue is a mistake.

There were two versions of the Enraged Wyvern produced by Ral Partha. Based on the bagged figures seen, it seems Citadel produced only the second version. Also, there were three versions of the Blue Dragon of which Citadel produced only the first. The other variants can be seen on the Lost Minis Wiki

Dragons released 1994 to 2000

Dragons released 2000 to 2012

Warmaster Dragons

LOTR & Battle of the Five Armies

Man O'War & Other Miscellaneous Dragons

Man O'War & Dreadfleet

Mighty Empires & Dragon Masters

Baby Dragons & Dragon Eggs

Dark Elf Figures with Dragons