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A wide ranging mix of Dwarf figures, both solid base and slotta. These were made to complement, various different categories of wargaming groups and/or other similar fantasy roleplaying games. They are divided into solid base and slotta classes, and cover all ranges. The purpose of this page is to show images of all the figures together, and not scattered about, far and wide. Regards the 1984 1st edition Joseph Bugman's variants (RR1). The 1st variant has less support for the banner, at three different points. It does not have the three ribbons at the back, one which supports the banner pole, the other two supporting over the helm and down his back. it also does not have the axe attached to the banners edge, or the support at the top of the helm. The ruffles (unclear if that's the correct term), at the bottom of the flag, rest and run over his helm in the 2nd variant, but in the earlier variant, they are straight. Also, there is an additional detailing on the back of the flag, on the earlier variant.

Nomads of the Past (solid base)

Wanderers of Today (slotta base)

Wanderers of Today Sets (slotta base)

Baggage Trains

Mail Order Only Kits