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Categories are integral to site navigation and it is vitally important for the integity of the site to make sure they are properly used.

Each page should belong to one (and only one) of the 'main' categories (Research, Unreleased, Limited Release, Gallery, Miscellaneous), and if not categories Gallery or Miscellaneous, one of the 'system' categories (Fantasy, 40K, Licensed, Other) and as many of the race/type categories (Elf, Dwarf, Tau, Misc etc ...) as applicable.

To add a page to a category, add the following line:


This will then cause a link to the page to appear in the Research section.

A full list of catagories currently being used can be found here, please review the list and make sure you can't use an existing category before creating new ones.

Note: Adding a category that has never been used before to a page does not create the corresponding category page and you will need to click on the category link, add some text and save it before it will be able to be seen by users who are not logged in. If you have no text please use a dot '.' as a place holder as you cannot save a blank page.