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Images can be uploaded to the wiki by several methods as outlined below.

Uploading via the 'Upload file' link

Once you have logged in, click on the 'Upload file' link in the toolbox section. This takes you to the upload file page:

Help - Uploading new file.gif

Select the file to be uploaded, change the name if necessary (make sure it ends in .jpg or .gif) click the upload file button. Once the file is transferred from your PC to the website you will be presented with the image page for that file and it is ready to be linked to via a gallery.

Uploading via a link

When referencing an image from a page, if the image does not exist clicking on the link takes you to the image upload page with the name already filled in.


file:this does not exist.jpg

Gives this result:

Help - Uploading new file 3.gif

Clicking on the blank thumbnail takes you to an error page:

Help - Uploading new file 4.gif

With a link which in turn takes you to the upload page (Note the name is already filled in ...):

Help - Uploading new file 5.gif

Note: You may think this is a bit long-winded compared to just clicking on the 'Upload file' link. But it can actually save time because you only enter the file name once, in the wiki text. When you click on the link the name is already entered for you ..

Naming conventions

Unlike ohter wiki's, Mediawiki has only one namespace for files so we have to be careful when naming to prevent conflict. You should at all times make sure that the naming scheme you use is unique to the pictures you are uploading. Probably the easiest way to ensure this is to use a prefix based on the page that the images will appear on.

i.e If you have a picture of a fighter with axe from that is to be shown on the Fighters - C01 (pre slotta) page then name the image Fighters - C01 (pre slotta) - Axe 1.jpg

Note: Mediawiki replaces all spaces in a name with underscore characters '_' when saving files, you can use either when referencing the file and the system will match it up. However, it is also 'case sensitive' so picture.jpg is not the same as picture.JPG.


The system will automatically create a thumbnail for galleries and if the image is larger than 800x600 pixels a mid sized image no larger than 800x600. If the image is slightly larger than 800x600 please resize before uploading.

The Info template

When the upload page appears the summary section is automatically filled in with the 'info' template, please fill in as much detail as you can. More detail on the info template can be found here.

If you don't want the template to appear on the image page just delete the text.

Revising a file

If you have a better quality image than an existing one and wish to replace it, go to the image page and click on the link Upload a new version of this file

Help - Uploading revised file.gif