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User pages can be used for the following:

  • Personal profile.
  • 'Want list' of miniatures (using existing wiki images or ones you upload yourself).
  • Testing pages before 'publishing' them to the main wiki (by renaming the page).
  • Miniatures related information that does not fit in any of the main wiki categories.

The pages are NOT to be used for:

  • Non miniatures related subjects. A paragraph or a link in a personal profile is fine, but this is a miniatures only site.
  • For commercial gain. Trade lists, personal profile links to your commercial site or eBay 'current auctions' are fine, but this is not a free hosting service.
  • As a file exchange.

Note: We reserve the right to revoke access to anyone not adhering to the above.

To create your own, without the quotes and substituting your user login for <login> type in the search field on the left of any page: user:<login> and click 'GO'. e.g for the login fred nurk you would type user:fred nurk.

Additional pages can be added by using the naming convention: user:<login>/<page name>. e.g. user:fred nurk/page 1, user:fred nurk/page 2.

IMPORTANT: When uploading images that will be only used for these personal pages, make sure that the image name is prefixed with your login in the form: <login>-<image name>. e.g. If Fred wanted to upload an image called 'mugshot.jpg' then it would be named Fred Nurk-mugshot.jpg.

A sample user page can be seen here you can use it as a template or guide on how to setup your own pages.

User pages can be accessed by typing: user:<login>/<page name> in the search field, clicking on the Special Pages link then the User List link and then the desired user, or by a URL of the form<login> e.g.

Note: Please do not use any categories in a user page.