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The purpose of this page is to show images of all the miniatures from the Judge Dredd range

JD1 - Judge Dredd & JD2 - Judge Anderson (early release)

These early blisters both included 3 miniatures - Dredd on foot, Dredd & Lawmaster Bike and Anderson on foot, Anderson & Lawmaster Bike. The mounted Dredd appeared in two versions. These early 2 part Lawmaster Bikes had a number of different variant front and rear sections

JD1 - Judge Dredd (later release)

This later JD1 blister included Dredd and the 3 part Lawmaster Bike. The 3 part Lawmaster appeared with two versions of the rear section, essentially the same but the second version has a footrest added'

JD3 - Angel Gang

JD3 - Fatties

There were 5 fatties head variants, and 5 arms with sandwich, grocery bag, bottle, sign and ice-cream cone

JD3 - Muties

JD3 - Perps

There are a few anomalies among these perps, 3 have names in the advertisments which don't match the name on the tab - Lorien Speck/Frank Zit, One Eye Schumaen/Organ Legger and Zuggy Spotz/Crazy Joseph. There is also an unlisted perp with a cane - which I have now seen twice within a sealed blister of perps. Furthermore on the main perps advertisments the 2 perps Perpolito and Jason Basin appear to have the same picture in error. I have included this sculpt as Perpolito and I have left Jason Basin out for now. Whether this anomaly is related to the unlisted/unnamed perp I have yet to ascertain

Interestingly, a Rogue Trader period blister pack, labelled "072520 Pirates" has been sighted. The contents of that blister were not, as would be expected, Pirates from the Rogue Trader range but a mixture of Judge Dredd Perps and a Paranoia figure.

JD4 - Mega-City One Judges

Be aware that the Judge Reed miniature often has a deformation, due to casting (under the right kneepad towards the boot pouch) and also the Lawgivers barrel can also be slightly miscast as well (where it touches the leg on the right side). I had eight of this miniature from various different sources over many years, and seven of them had this issue. It is easily rectified with a good eye and sharp blade and I assume is due to a part of the mould breaking off. Making every cast after that have the issue.

JD5 - Kleggs Alien Mercenaries

JD6 - The Dark Judges - Fear, Fire & Mortis

JD7 - Judge Death with Dredd & Anderson (early release)

JD7 - Judge Death with Dredd & Anderson (later release)

JD8 - Judge Cal & Henchmen

JD10/11 - Rogue Trooper

Along with the advertised miniatures I have included the Souther, which was released among the 1st 40K release as a Ground Combat Trooper. If you look at the 2000AD source material the sculpt is clearly based on the Souther - it was intended for this range but never released within it.

Also shown is the plastic trooper included in the game box.

JD13 - Sky Surfers

JD14 - Strontium Dogs

JD15 - Don Uggie & the Ape Gang

JD16 - Judges on Lawmasters

These are all 2 part Judges and 3 part Lawmaster Bikes, noting that the rear sections of the bike appeared in two versions, with and without footrests.

JD17 - Brit-Cit Judge and Lawmaster Bike