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The hive world of Necromunda has been the setting for two Games Workshop games: Confrontation (published in the early 1990s) and Necromunda (first published in 1995).

Confrontation (1990-1991) The game of Confrontation was partially published in White Dwarf between issue #130 (October 1990) and #142 (October 1991). Several key elements of the game were never published (e.g. psychic rules). The game was based around rival gangs fighting for supremacy. Each gang presented a particular faction archetype (rather than named Houses as came later in Necromunda). Several sets of figures were released both by Citadel and Marauder, however they were not distributed or marketed widely. In addition to the figures that made it to general release, an extensive number of Confrontation figures were sculpted but never released:

In the period 1990 to 1991, the hive gangers appeared as part of the 40K range, along with adventurers and the loosely named Forces of the Imperium, and three limited edition figures were released.

Necromunda (1995-1997) The Necromunda game itself was released in the mid 1990’s and a large number of figures for several gangs were released between 1995 and 1997. A more limited selection of these figures remained available until ~2016, primarily in boxed sets.

Necromunda (1999-2016) After 1997, very little appeared until 1999/2000 when Necromunda was brought under the wing of a new division of Games Workshop known as Fanatic or Specialist Games. A new version of the rules (Necromunda: Underhive) was published by Specialist Games in 2003. A number of the original gangs were re-sculpted and released together with a number of new hired guns, bounty hunters and characters, mostly only available through mail order. Specialist Games appear to have been unsuccessful as a separate entity and were brought back under Games Workshop around 2005. Subsequently many of the new figures were withdrawn from production and as above, a more limited selection of these figures remained available until ~2016, primarily in boxed sets.

Necromunda (2017-present) In 2013, Specialist Games was relaunched, initially focusing on a re-release of Blood Bowl. In 2017, a new version of Necromunda (Necromunda: Underhive) was released as a boxed set, containing plastic multi-part gangs. Specialist Games has continued to produce plastic gang kits, with resin characters, accessory packs and bounty hunters being produced through Forgeworld. The current range can be seen on the Forgeworld and Games Workshop websites.