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When Rogue Trader was first released the Imperial Guard and Space Marines were grouped together as Forces of the Imperium and through until around 1992, there were a number of figures released which were loosely grouped as being part of the Imperial Forces but which did not clearly fit into the Imperial Guard, Space Marines or any other of what became the 40K races. These included Adeptus Mechanicus, Psykers, Assassins and Inquisitors and were loosely grouped together as "Forces of the Imperium: in the 1991 Blue Catalogue.

As was common in that period, figures were released as part of one range and then re-appeared shortly thereafter as part of another range.

This Collectors Guide is an attempt to cover all such figures from the first release of Rogue Trader in March 1987 up to the 1994 Catalogue. From the 1995/6 Catalogue onwards, the races were more closely linked together and the "odd" figures had largely disappeared.

Consulting the Rogue Trader Adventurers, Mercenaries & Pirates - Collectors Guide and the Imperial Guard To 1994 - Collectors Guide may also be helpful.

An attempt has been made to group the different types of figures together. Within each group, the figures are listed in order of release. Where a figure appears in the 1988, 1989 or 1991 catalogues, the details are shown in the figure description.

Adeptus Arbites

Three Adeptus Arbites figures appeared in the 1991 Catalogue as part of the Forces of the Imperium. A further four figures appeared in the 1993 Catalogue.

1991 catalogue

1993 catalogue

Adeptus Mechanicus

Eight Adeptus Mechanicus figures appeared in the 1989 Catalogue. When the 1991 catalogue appeared, one, the female servitor, had disappeared and two had been transferred into the Squat range.


The first Ogryn appeared as an Ogryn Champion in the Rogue Trader Flyer Part One. It reappeared as an Ogryn Hero in White Dwarf 88 and then disappeared.

The next Ogryn, a single piece figure, appeared in White Dwarf 110. A multipiece Ogryn with a one piece head and body and separate arms appeared in White Dwarf 112.

Ogryns next appeared in the 1991 Catalogue with two single piece figures, four figures with one piece heads and bodies and separate arms and three with multipart bodies and separate heads and arms.

The arms were common to both the single piece and multipiece bodies.

All those in the 1991 Catalogue were sculpted by Bob Olley.

Rogue Trader Flyer part One

1991 Catalogue

1993 Black Catalogue

Other Forces of the Imperium

March 1987 Flyer

Rogue Trader Flyer Part One

Rogue Trader Flyer Part Three

The Rogue Trader Flyer Part Three also showed the Talisman Timescape range which did not ever see release as part of the 40K range although the figures were clearly drawn directly from 40K.

Autumn 1989 Trade Catalogue

1991 Catalogue


Five sanctioned psykers appeared in the Autumn 1989 Trade Catalogue. This group were expanded to six in the 1991 Blue Catalogue.

There were three additional psykers which first appeared in White Dwarf 172 and then in the 1993 Black Catalogue.

There were also three psykers sculpted by Bob Olley which do not appear to have appeared in the catalogues.

Autumn 1989 Trade Catalogue

White Dwarf 172

Bob Olley Psykers

Ratling Snipers

Shorty first appeared in the Rogue Trader Flyer Part One as part of the Mercenaries range, then in the 1988 Catalogue.

Ratling Snipers 1, 3 and 4 first appeared in the 1989 Catalogue.


The robots first appeared in August 1988 in the flyer and White Dwarf for the month.


Dreadnoughts first appeared as Imperial Dreadnoughts before being classed as part of the Space Marines in the 1988 Catalogue.