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Compendium One introduced the Slann through the Kremlo The Slann scenario.

Slann continued to appear in Compendiums Two and Three and the Spring 1986 Journal.

A slotta based range appeared in December 1987 in White Dwarf 96, including a Mage Priest on palaquin and hounds with handler. And, with the exception of the Slann Mage Priest which was released in 1997 as part of the lizardman range, they have not been seen since.

Compendium One - Kremlo the Slann Scenario

All but three of these figures also appeared in Compendium Two as C32 Slann.

Compendium Two - C32 Slann

The figures shown in Compendium Two were all orginally released as part of the Kremlo the Slann Scenario in Compendium One.

Compendium Two - C21 Cold One Riders

Magnificent Sven Scenario

Included in the second edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle box set (December 1984)

Spring 1986 Journal - C32 Slann

White Dwarf 96 (December 1987) - C22 Slann

White Dwarf 96 (December 1987) - C32 Slann