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Over the years Citadel and later Games Workshop issued a number of architectural, furniture, equipment and other items for use in their various games.

In addition to this page the Furniture and Fantasy Specials (FS) research pages should be consulted.

For Scenery and Terrain items please refer to the relevant Scenery Research page and the Scenery & Terrain - Unreleased page

For unreleased architecture relevant to 40K and Necromunda, please refer to the Architecture for 40K - Unreleased page.

For unreleased architure and scenery items relevant to Fantasy and Mordheim please refer to the Architecture for Fantasy - Unreleased page

Architecture and furniture appears to have been first released for the FS range around 1980. Some of these items continued to be available for many years. Architectural pieces were later released for Mordheim, for Warhammer Seige and as Arcane Architecture. Some pieces appear to have been used in a number of different settings (eg in Mordheim and in Necromunda) while others seem to have only been used in one setting (eg in Warhammer Seige).

There seems to be a great deal of confusion whether pieces were released and generally available, released on a limited basis and only available through mail order or unreleased. Some pieces are found in metal and in plastic - the metal examples are possibly prototypes for the plastic but not necessarily so. It seems some pieces were prepared for large scale dioramas built for display purposes by the GW Studio staff - where that is known to have ocurred, the description is noted accordingly.

Where a particular item appears to have been released for a specific purpose, it is classified accordingly. If it might possibly be classed as unreleased, the description is noted accordingly.

FS Fantasy Specials Range

DS3 Graveyard Scene

One of the Boxed Sets, this is shown on the December 1984 flyer

Arcane Architecture - 1993 Catalogue


These items appeared in the Mordheim rule book, issues of "Town Cryer", the Mercenaries & Monsters Collectors Guide and the 2006 Complete Reference. Some are identical to items in the earler Arcane Architecture range.

Mordheim Metal Prototypes

These items appear to be metal prototypes of the plastic components which appeared on Mordheim Build Tiles and Building Support plastics sprue. Alternatively, they could be metal items cast for use at the GW Studio. These could be classed as unreleased.

Warhammer Seige

Arcane Architecture - Mercenaries & Monsters Collectors Guide

Some of these items were in the 1993 Catalogue, others are new