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Over the years Citadel and later Games Workshop issued a number of architectural, furniture, equipment and other items for use in their various games.

In addition to this page the Architecture and Fantasy Specials (FS) research pages should be consulted.

For Scenery and Terrain items please refer to the relevant Scenery Research page and the Scenery & Terrain - Unreleased page

For unreleased architecture relevant to 40K and Necromunda, please refer to the Architecture for 40K - Unreleased page.

For unreleased architure and scenery items relevant to Fantasy and Mordheim please refer to the Architecture for Fantasy - Unreleased page

Graves, Coffins, Sarcophagi


Rectangular Tables

Square Tables

Round Tables

Chairs, Benches, Seats

Treasure Chests on square bases

Treasure Chests (loose)

FS25 Tavern Furniture

RAFM Coffins