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Citadel has produced a large number of Dark Elf miniatures throughout their history. Various generations of Dark Elf figures are outlined below, grouped together either by subject matter/game system (in the case of Talisman, AD&D, Blood Bowl, Man O' War and Warmaster) or by chronological release of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game system (1st - 6th edition). Note that the line of miniatures sculpted by Aly Morrison and produced under the Marauder imprint were released for use with 3rd edition Warhammer, replacing the earlier line sculpted by Bob Naismith. The subsequent line of Citadel/Marauder miniatures that followed the Marauder figures had "MARAUDER" imprinted on their slotta tabs, but they were sold in Citadel packages. Elements from earlier Citadel lines persisted into the 4th/5th edition Citadel/Marauder era packaged in green Citadel blisters.