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Release Timeline as advertised in Citadel Publications.

July 1985 Releases

Source : July 1985 Flyer - [Stuff of Legends]

BDD01 - Adventurer Starter Set [Adventurer Starter Set]

BDD02 - Monster Starter Set [Monster Starter Set]

ADD01 - Magic User [ADD01 Magic User]

ADD02 - Fighter with Long Sword [ADD02 Fighter with Long Sword]

ADD03 - Cleric with Mace [Cleric with Mace]

ADD05 - Illusionist [Illusionist]

ADD54 - Hobgoblins [Hobgoblins]

ADD77 - Umber Hulk [Umber_Hulk]

ADD80 - Blink Dogs [Blink_Dogs]

ADD81 - Owl Bear [Owl_Bear]

ADD83 - Centaur and Satyr [Centaur and Satyr]

ADD84 - Beholder [Beholder]

ADD93 - Zombie, Shadow, Ghoul [Zombie, Shadow and Ghoul]

August 1985 Releases

Source : August Flyer 1985 (US) - [Stuff of Legends]

ADD04 - Thief [Thief]

ADD06 - Paladin [Paladin]

ADD07 - Ranger [Ranger]

ADD08 - Assassin [Assassin]

ADD09 - Druid [Druid]

ADD11 - Female Magic User [Female Magic User]

ADD52 - Goblins [Goblins]

ADD75 - Gorgon [Gorgon]

ADD76 - Stirges [Stirges]

ADD94 - Lich, Wight and Ghast [Ghast, Wight and Lich]

September 1985 Releases

Source : September Flyer 1985 - [Stuff of Legends]

ADD56 - Bugbears [Bugbears]

ADD60 - Norkers [Norkers]

ADD62 - Shamling Mound & Shrieker [Shamling Mound & Shrieker]

ADD72 - Carrion Crawler [Carrion Crawler]

ADD86 - Minotaur [Minotaur]

October 1985 Releases

Source : October Flyer 1985 - [Stuff of Legends]

ADD51 - Kobolds [Kobolds]

ADD55 - Gnolls [Gnolls]

ADD59 - Troll [Troll]

ADD68 - Drow [Drow]

November 1985 Releases

Source : November 1985 Flyer - [Stuff of Legends]

ADD12 - Female Fighter [Female Fighter]

ADD31 - Dwarf Fighter with Axe [Dwarf Fighter with Axe]

ADD91 - Rust Monsters [Rust Monsters]

December 1985 Releases

Source : Third Citadel Compendium [Stuff of Legends]

ADD10 - Fighter in Platemail Adventure Pack [Fighter in Platemail Adventure Pack]

ADD13 - Female Cleric [Female Cleric]

ADD18 - Bard Adventure Pack [Bard Adventure Pack]

ADD21 - Barbarian [Barbarian Adventure Pack]

ADD48 - Cavalier Adventure Pack [Cavalier Adventure Pack]

ADD57 - Ogre [Ogre]

ADD63 - Bugbear Tribal Pack [Bugbear Tribal Pack]

ADD65 - Duergar [Duergar]

ADD67 - Sahuagin [Sahuagin]

ADD69 - Githyannki [Githyanki]

May 1986 Releases

Source : May 1986 Flyer - [Stuff of Legends]

ADD14 - Female Thief [Female Thief]

ADD61 - Rats [Giant Rats]

June 1986 Releases

Source : June 1986 - White Dwarf 78 [Stuff of Legends]

Source : June 1986 Flyer [Stuff of Legends]

ADD53 - Orcs [Orcs]

July 1986 Releases

Source : July 1986 - White Dwarf 79 [Stuff of Legends]

Source : July 1986 Flyer [Stuff of Legends]

ADD15 - Evil Fighter [Evil Fighter]

August 1986 Releases

Source : August 1986 - White Dwarf 80 [Stuff of Legends]

Source : August 1986 Flyer [Stuff of Legends]

ADD87 - Synad, Meazeal etc [Meazel, Xvart, Synad and Mite]

November 1986 Releases

Source : November 1986 - White Dwarf 83 [Stuff of Legends]

Source : November 1986 Flyer - [Stuff of Legends]

ADD32 - Dwarf Villagers [Dwarf Villagers]

ADD40 - Men at Arms [Men at Arms]

ADD64 - Troglodytes [Troglodytes]

ADD79 - Mind Flayers [Mind Flayers]

ADD16 - Elf Magic User [Elf Magic User]

ADD41 - Lawful Fighters [Lawful Fighters]

February 1987 Releases

Source : February 1987 - White Dwarf 86 [Stuff of Legends]

ADD24 - Lords of Battle [Lords of Battle]

ADD71 - Evil Fighters [Evil Fighters]

ADD96 - Zombies [Zombies]

ADD21 - Barbarians [Barbarians]

March 1987 and after ....

A final sale of all remaining stock was advertised on an undated flyer in 1987. Page 1 [Stuff of Legends] and Page 2 [Stuff of Legends].

The following were not included in the sale from the FINAL COMPLETE Player Character Code Range:

ADD03 Cleric with Mace

ADD09 Druid

ADD18 Bard Adventure Pack

ADD21a Barbarians

ADD24 Lords of Battle

ADD31 Dwarf Fighter with Axe

ADD48 Cavalier Adventure Pack

The following were not included in the sale from the FINAL COMPLETE Monster Code Range:

ADD59 Troll

ADD68 Drow

ADD96 Zombies


ADD71 Evil Fighters and ADD24 Lords of Battle were included in the sale flyer. Therefore the sale will have started at the earliest on March 1st 1987.

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